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A quick guide (and sample code) to get you started on using the new Android Jetpack CameraX API as a Barcode Scanner with MLKit.

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As the name implies, Jetpack (a collection of modern APIs for Android development) truly gives developers a productivity boost — and the introduction of the is no different.

With CameraX, developing camera based Android views is a more streamlined process with some standout features as compared to…

High Level View of Clean Architecture

Clean What?

Thanks to —we have had a guidestone to modern “clean” software architecture for almost a decade now.

In the wild I have witnessed a convergence around this paradigm by developers using a diverse range of languages, not only in the compiled, type-safe world of C#, iOS…

A few lessons I learnt on implementing the @Async attribute in the Java Spring framework.

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I was recently tasked with getting the open source DevOps dashboard — — implemented in order for various teams to gain insights into the deployment flows of various projects.

If you have not heard…

Solving an error when issuing a delete-stack (or any other related) command on AWS Cloud Formation.

The Problem

Ran into this issue today whilst trying to delete a CFN stack while testing some architectures:

Console Output

Over the last week, one of our legacy core servers started throwing errors at an increasingly alarming rate.

Being a stable legacy server, serving a few enterprise apps developed more than 2 years ago — under a code freeze — this seemed fairly odd.

I immediately hopped on the box…

The other day a device hit my desk….

One of our production Retail Execution (ITX) apps running on it was stuck in a loop — the bug was forwarded to the relevant development team, however, there where important transactions (about a days work for the sales rep) still in the…

Being a professional developer for more than a decade, and having succumbed to the snappy BSD based glory that is OSX (now MacOS), I have understandably ended up working on multiple MacBooks at the same time — One for my personal projects and two for work (one for frontend and…

This post shares 5 tips that I have come to learn from and use when hacking things on the Raspberry Pi.

I assume you have a Raspberry Pi (or many), have played around with it, and know the basics

1. Create your own base image

Having a zillion microSD cards lying around is not fun. On…

Serverless architectures are application designs that incorporate third-party “Backend as a Service” (BaaS) services, and/or that include custom code run in managed, ephemeral containers on a “Functions as a Service” (FaaS) platform. …

This may affect Cordova apps using the keyboard plugin (cordova-plugin-keyboard) or forks thereof. Basically anything that defines window.Keyboard

Today an issue was escalated my way that had some of our production users reporting an issue with one of our hybrid (Cordova) Android apps.

I fired up a debuggable APK of…


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